Proofreading and Editing

While revision happens at many stages of writing and involves activities like considering the overall organization, focus, thesis, and support, editing and proofreading are assumed to be done while the writer is still working on the final draft and correcting the document. For the reader, proper punctuation, syntax, spelling, sentence structure, style, and word choice are crucial because they have a significant impact on how the reader perceives the author’s authority and credibility.

Proofreading has to be as thorough as possible. You can proofread by concentrating on one mistake at a time.  For instance, if commas are your most common mistake, carefully read the document while focusing on that one issue. After that, proofread once more to catch the following common error. Keep in mind that proofreading is about more than just mistakes. You want to improve the flow, intrigue, and clarity of your words. Watch out for really long sentences because they might not be as obvious as shorter, more straightforward ones. Pay attention to how your writing flows, and attempt to utilize sentences with different lengths and structures. Keep an eye out for awkward language, repetition, and superfluous phrases.